Scrawl, Shannon Wright, & Joel R L Phelps + FU DJ SET
Thursday, November 29, 2012
8:00pm - (DJ SET) - 18+ Buy Tickets
83 Rivington Street
London , UK EC2A 3AY
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Damnably is exceedingly stoked to announce this night featuring 3 of incredible acts:

Shannon Wright
Joel R L Phelps

Cargo, Shoreditch - London
Tickets £12 advance
on sale 10am Thur 23rd August

“Long before the riot grrrl movement opened the floodgates for the widespread emergence of female artists in the male-dominated world of indie rock, the Columbus, Ohio-based trio Scrawl carved out their own tough-minded yet feminine niche within the underground community. Formed by singer/guitarist Marcy Mays, bassist Sue Harshe, and drummer Carolyn O'Leary, the group --originally dubbed "Skull" -- debuted in the summer of 1985 by playing a 20-minute opening set for the Meat Puppets; with the financial assistance of friends, they entered the studio to record their debut effort a year later, releasing Plus, Also, Too on the small No Other label in 1987. In the wake of the album's strong reviews, Scrawl toured extensively before signing to the Rough Trade label in 1988. He's Drunk, an assured indie pop effort recorded at Prince's Paisley Park Studio, soon followed, and in 1990, the trio returned with Smallmouth, a more intimate album produced by Gary Smith. Problems with Rough Trade forced Scrawl to depart the label in the autumn of 1990; a few months later, the company declared bankruptcy, and with its demise, the group's back catalog immediately went out of print.

The sting of the Rough Trade debacle clearly informed 1991's superb Bloodsucker, recorded with Steve Albini; a biting, bitter record, it too fell prey to industry whims and poor distribution, quickly joining the group's other records in limbo. After O'Leary broke ranks, Scrawl mounted the "Foxcore, My Ass" tour as an acoustic duo, recruiting new drummer Dana Marshall prior to signing with the Simple Machines label for 1993's Velvet Hammer. After jumping to Elektra, Scrawl issued their major-label debut Travel On, Rider in 1996. Nature Film followed two years later.” (Jason Ankeny, Rovi)

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright's trio Crowsdell released two acclaimed LPs for Big Cat during the 1990s. They were recorded by Steve Malkmus and were regular John Peel favourites. When Crowsdell disbanded in 97', Shannon Wright thought about quitting music. After borrowing a 4 track machine, however, Wright taught herself to play drums, and a musical metamorphosis was set in motion. Her solo releases since have unleashed a visceral, abrasive, and raw form of post-punk expressionism. Wright's guitar-playing, and her approach to composition are simply unique.

Wright has recorded with Steve Albini and Yann Tierson, since signing to Touch and Go Records. She has made eight acclaimed albums (including FlightSafety, Maps of Tacit, Over The Sun, Let in the Light, and most recently, Secret Blood). In the live arena, she really shines; Shannon has been the touring partner of choice for Low, Sleater-Kinney, The Dirty Three, and Nick Cave, and was part of the ATP curated by Shellac and the Dirty Three. This is a rare opportunity to see a remarkable, intense, and groundbreaking performer in the U.K. Don't miss it.

Joel R L Phelps

Joel R.L. Phelps is from Billings, Montana. He started playing music in around 1982, co-founding a regionally infamous post-punk group, Ein Heit, in Missoula in 1983. Ein Heit suspended operations in 1987 and bandmates Phelps and Andrew Cohen then formed rock 'n' roll ensemble Silkworm in 1988. After 3 LPs and many barnstorming national tours, Phelps left Silkworm in 1994, perhaps due to the pressures of all the travel, and perhaps some unconscious musical prompting. In a split that can compared to a Buzzcocks/Magazine schism (except for the lack of fame, money or any musical similarities), both parties would go on to their finest works --- Silkworm, having staked a claim as one of the U.S.ís most important bands, Phelps, as the nation's most unique singer/songwriter. Joel struck out on his own in 1995 forming his own group, The Downer Trio. The Downer Trio feature William Herzog (Citizen's Utilities, Neko Case, Sunn0)))), Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter) and Robert Mercer (auxiliary guitar and bass), musicians with a similar minimal sensibility who, in truth, make the music really work. With four albums, two EPs and two singles and some compilation appearances to their collective credit, the group has assembled an accomplished and formidable body of work: no matter what the self-effacing Phelps might tell you to the contrary.(lifeted from the 12XU website)


'Customs' review 7.9 Pitchfork
"at once tragic and tender, an epic expression of defeat that masterfully underscores its despair with sweet strains of hope." - Colin Helms, CMJ

"...Crazy Horse ferocity and punk brevity...this versatile outfit hasn't made a misstep yet." - Franklin Bruno, Puncture
"Joel R.L. Phelps has put out some of the most compelling 3:00am- and- a- bottle- o'- booze music around." - Jeremy Schneyer, Pitchfork
"Joel was in silkworm (which everybody knows is the best band ever) up until their 1994 album libertine, after which he left and started releasing music on his own and with the downer trio.
his 1999 album blackbird is easily one of the best rock albums of the last 10 years. it's so fucking good. i dream of making an album this raw and awesome. too bad barely anybody has heard it and it's super hard to find.
bla bla bla i love joel phelps."
Ladyhawk (Jagjaguar)


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Thu, 29 Nov 2012 Shows

FU’s Rama and George hit the road with Japanese legends Shonen Knife for the European leg of their ‘Pop Tune’ 2012 tour.
We played gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and had a wonderful time with Naoko, Ritsuko, Emi knife, and Ian our Driver.

Ritsuko played bass with us on Blue Fugue at the Bastard Bar in Tromso which is on the top of Norway and a beautiful place with very warm and happy people. That was maybe the highlight, but seeing our friends Rune,  Milla, Gerben, Jeroen and Tom was so nice. Huge thanks to the promoters and people that bought our records and asked us to sign them and to Canopus Drums who supported us.

At Loppen in Copenhagen we picked up a great review which you can read here in Gaffa and you can see a load of pictures from the tour on our facebook page here.

Sun, 11 Nov 2012 Tours, Update