Sometimes the fates align. Our next gig my friends, is one of those occasions.

Damnably Presents ‘Walpurgis Night‘ Alldayer starring MIKE WATT & The Missingmen
Traditionally the night the dark forces assemble under the stars, we have resurrected some lesser spotted Monsters of Rock for a super fun alldayer at London’s favorite venue.

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Sun, 12 Apr 2015 Gigs, Shows, Update

Must be time for a quick update from FU.

We headlined ‘Rock Against WAR’ last Thursday at the Brixton windmill – which was the first show we’d headlined ever and it was a whole load more fun then playing down the bill to sober mates and a bar tender. Our friends Toshi (smallgang), No Cars, Fever Dream and Koichi from Screaming Tea Party’s new band also played – they are called TOKATONTONS.

The Kobayashi brothers were in attendance and Sab Kobayashi DJed for most of the night plus Your New friend, smallgang, Crumbling Ghost came so it was a great party of mates and really nice to see Tim from the Windmill and the old place. Its always fun there and pretty crazy. The soundguy was jumping around to the music, going wild on the ‘On/Off’ stage light switch and No Cars sang ‘Georgie San’ after a particularly shredsome rendition of Blue Fugue. That was nice.

FU had some radio play on BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and Seymour’s Xtreme East Radio show. Seymour was in John Peel favourite Miss Black America and now does his own radio show plus is in bands here.

Other news – Russ has a new bass amp and some massive distortion pedals and is playing some shows coming up solo and is on Phoenix FM. Check out his website here here

Rama has been working hard for some big magazines – check out her latest pictures here

I have a new guitar and massive distortion pedal – so the old Acoustic I’ve used for the last few years is replaced by a Purple Sparkle Jazzmaster that is fun to play.

Damnably Podcast Radio show is ‘Podcast of the Week‘ in Time Out this week! Check it out here!
Chiara and I have a new show up and below that Janice Damnably has one – lots of great new music to dig through there.

Damnably has some new releases coming out soon – check the website for details, plus some more shows coming up and tours.

George FU

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 Update