IMG_2409We’ve been recording at Phil’s lovely place in Stoke Newington using the Canopus kit, our Fender Twin and Orange bass Rig. We borrowed smallgang and the Wolf choir’s microphones and the Boiler Suits are from big Edd and a must for all recording situations. We recorded ‘Postcard’, ‘Exit Interview’, ‘The Locusts of Control’, ‘Smile’, ‘The Whips’, ‘Infinite Regression’ and ‘Chilli linguine’ and will see how well they come out.









Tue, 03 Dec 2013 Any Other Business, Update

FU’s Rama and George hit the road with Japanese legends Shonen Knife for the European leg of their ‘Pop Tune’ 2012 tour.
We played gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and had a wonderful time with Naoko, Ritsuko, Emi knife, and Ian our Driver.

Ritsuko played bass with us on Blue Fugue at the Bastard Bar in Tromso which is on the top of Norway and a beautiful place with very warm and happy people. That was maybe the highlight, but seeing our friends Rune,  Milla, Gerben, Jeroen and Tom was so nice. Huge thanks to the promoters and people that bought our records and asked us to sign them and to Canopus Drums who supported us.

At Loppen in Copenhagen we picked up a great review which you can read here in Gaffa and you can see a load of pictures from the tour on our facebook page here.

Sun, 11 Nov 2012 Tours, Update