Bridging English (4th Edition) by Joseph O. Milner, Lucy F. Milner PDF

By Joseph O. Milner, Lucy F. Milner

ISBN-10: 0132397471

ISBN-13: 9780132397476

It is a very useful and good written textual content on instructing. The authors' innovative and enlightened method (it's all concerning the pupil taking cost of his/her personal studying, specifically in staff paintings) is provocative and layed out in detail.
I used to be fairly happy with Amazon and the total deciding to buy technique.

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Deluge: a floodlike rush of anything • When the clothing store held its big buy-one-get-five-free sale, its employees faced a deluge of customers. • The secretary nearly went crazy trying to answer the deluge of phone calls. immune: protected against something harmful • Sam must have been immune to the illness because everyone got sick except him. • No matter how mean and nasty the other kids were to her, Gayle was not bothered. She was immune to their remarks. Bonus Words ★ostentatious: showy, splashy; overly grand • No matter what the weather, Fifi always wears a fur coat in an ostentatious display of her wealth.

Deterrent: obstacle; something that discourages something else from happening • Bobby opposes the death penalty because he does not believe it is a deterrent to crime. • The gate in front of the stairway was definitely a deterrent to the baby, who loved to crawl up the steps. ” Jeff asked his mom when she handed him a mop and bucket. • “When I offered you a stick of gum, I didn’t mean to imply that you had bad breath. I just thought you might like some gum,” Miranda explained to Leo. apprehensive: nervous or uneasy; worried • David couldn’t sleep because he was apprehensive about the algebra test he didn’t study for.

M. n. o. p. uncertain; insecure; risky not conceited; limited in size a big change a kind of thistle cloth used to make cloaks for royalty gracious and charming, especially in social situations make up; invent to make a room brighter by turning on a lamp to argue or fight; to practice boxing to imply; to suggest or hint at indirectly educate; inform to reveal; uncover; make known any action used to try to cover up something busy; energetic and lively wastefully expensive; excessive type of netting used to keep cigarette butts from falling on sidewalks q.

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Bridging English (4th Edition) by Joseph O. Milner, Lucy F. Milner

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