Automata, Formal Languages and Algebraic Systems - download pdf or read online

By Masami Ito, Yuji Kobayashi, Kunitaka Shoji

ISBN-10: 9814317608

ISBN-13: 9789814317603

This quantity includes papers chosen from the displays on the workshop and contains customarily contemporary advancements within the fields of formal languages, automata conception and algebraic platforms on the topic of the theoretical machine technology and informatics. It covers the components resembling automata and grammars, languages and codes, combinatorics on phrases, cryptosystems, logics and timber, Grobner bases, minimum clones, zero-divisor graphs, nice convergence of capabilities, and others

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A morphism of ω-semigroups (S, V ) → (S , V ) is a pair of functions (hS , hV ) such that hS is a semigroup morphism S → S , hV is a mapping V → V , and hS and hV jointly preserve the action: hS (s)hV (v) = hV (sv) for all s ∈ S and v ∈ V , moreover, hS (s0 )hS (s1 ) · · · = hV (s0 s1 · · · ) for all s0 , s1 , . . , morphisms preserve the infinite product. Morphisms of ω-monoids necessarily preserve the multiplicative identity of the monoid component. An important example of an ω-semigroup is (Σ+ , Σω ), where Σ is a set, called an alphabet, Σ+ is the free semigroup of all finite nonempty words over Σ, Σω is the set of all ω-words over Σ, and the action of Σ+ on Σω is defined by concatenation, so that for any u ∈ Σ+ and x ∈ Σω , ux is the ω-word with a prefix u and corresponding tail x.

Special thanks to G´ abor Bal´ azsfalvi for developing the software discussed in Section 6 and Heiko Stamer for his important observations and criticism. References 1. A. Atanasiu: A class of coders based on gsm. Acta Informatica, 29 (1992), 779–791. 2. D. Angluin : Inference of reversible languages. J Assoc. Comput. , 29 (1982), 741-765. July 16, 2010 10:10 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 02 31 3. F. Bao: Cryptoanalysis of partially known cellular automata. IEEE Trans. on Computers, 53 (2004), 1493–1497.

Then we extend (hS , hV ) to a morphism of ω-semigroups ∗ ω (hS , hV ) : (Σ+ 0 , Σ0 ∆ ∪ Σ0 ) → (S, V ). It is clear that the kernel of hΣ is included in the kernel of hS . 1, the kernel of h∆ is included in the kernel of hV . Thus there is a unique ω-semigroup morphism (hS , hV ) : (Σ∗ , Σ∗ ∆⊥ ∪ Σω ) → (S, V ) such that hS ◦ hΣ = hS and hV ◦ h∆ = hV . It is clear that hS ( ) = hS (hΣ (σ0 )) = hS (σ0 ) = 1. Thus, (hS , hV ) is the unique extension of (hS , hV ) to an ω-monoid morphism. May 14, 2010 9:42 WSPC - Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in 03 38 3.

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