V.A. Malyshev, A.M. Vershik's Asymptotic Combinatorics with Applications to Mathematical PDF

By V.A. Malyshev, A.M. Vershik

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On the summer season university Saint Petersburg 2001, the most lecture classes bore on contemporary growth in asymptotic illustration conception: these written up for this quantity take care of the idea of representations of endless symmetric teams, and teams of endless matrices over finite fields; Riemann-Hilbert challenge thoughts utilized to the examine of spectra of random matrices and asymptotics of younger diagrams with Plancherel degree; the corresponding significant restrict theorems; the combinatorics of modular curves and random bushes with program to QFT; unfastened likelihood and random matrices, and Hecke algebras.

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Am arising in the limit of random matrices are a priori abstract elements in some algebra A, but it is good to know that in many cases they can also be concretely realized by some kind of creation and annihilation operators on a full Fock space. Indeed, free probability theory was introduced by Voiculescu for investigating the structure of special operator algebras generated by these type of operators. In the beginning, free probability had nothing to do with random matrices. , each of them is a selfadjoint Gaussian random matrix and (1) (2) all entries of GN are independent from all entries of GN ).

For example, for N = 6 = 3 + 2 + 1 1 4 6 3 5 N =6 2 If we ensure that the rows and columns are increasing, for example, 1 4 6 3 5 1 3 2 4 5 N =6 6 2 we obtain two Standard Young Tableaux with frame µ = (3, 2, 1). Now there is a remarkable theorem of Robinson (1938) and Schensted (1961) which says that there is a bijection from SN onto pairs of standard Young tableaux with the same frame SN π → (P (π), Q(π)) where frame(P (π)) = frame(Q(π)) = (µ1 (π), . . , µl (π)). Furthermore (Schensted 1961) lN (π) = µ1 (π) Thus in this language, the width of a Standard Young Tableau behaves statistically (with Plancherel measure ≡ push forward of uniform distribution on SN ) like the largest eigenvalue of a random GUE matrix.

Let Y (z; k + 1, λ) = (Yij (z; k + 1, λ))1≤i,j≤2 be the 2 × 2 matrix function satisfying the following RHP  • Y (z; k + 1, λ) is analytic for z ∈ C \ Σ √   1  1   e λ(z+ z ) 1 zk+1 • Y+ (z; k + 1, λ) = Y− (z; k + 1, λ) for z ∈ Σ 0 1    z −(k+1) 0   • Y (z; k + 1, λ) = I + O( z1 ) as z → ∞ 0 z k+1 Then Y is unique and κ2k (λ) = −Y21 (z = 0; k + 1, λ). Also πk+1 = Y11 where πk (z) = pk (z) κk = z + . . So to evaluate κ2k (λ), k ≥ n, and hence k (1) Y of the above RHP in the φn (λ), we must be able to control the solution √ √ 1 −(k+1) limit when the two parameters k, λ in z e λ(z+ z ) are large.

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