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ISBN-13: 9780030088407

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Hleditating Qn the two halves of the sentence, we think of the dish as an implement, something used (the "proper man" isn't used by anybody); as an object into which you put things (the proper man doesn't passively submit to being "filled up"), as distinguished from, say, a spring or a well; but an object into which you can't put very much, as distinguished from a pot or a barrel (note the popular ~ h r a s e about so-and-so being ''deepU). "Dish" i n this sentence is an extremely rich term; richer than any of the usual attributes of propriety 37 36 Useful Terms Questions I .

A merry note While greasy Joan doth keel the pot. From Love's Labour's Lost, V, ii 9. keel: skim. It is a safe guess that this early Tennyson poem is a n imitation of Shakespeare's Spring and Winter. Questions I . Is the language as precise as Shakespeare's, or does it merely give an impression of precision? How much does Tennyson make you see? Does "When merry milkmaids click the latch" present as definite a picture as "And maidens bleach their summer smocks"? " Do Shakespeare's creatures do anything of the kind'; 2.

HOW does this expand its initial meaning? 53 LONDON William Blake, 1794 I wander thro' each charter'd street, Near where the charter'd Thames does flow, And mark in every Face I meet Marks of weakness, marks of woe. ^ ban, The mind-forg'd mnnaclcs I hear. 54 The Image: What the Words Actually Name Useful Terms How the Chimney-sweeper's cry Every black'ning Church appalls, And the hapless Soldier's sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls. This dance has no name. It is a hungry dance. W e dance it out to thc tip of Monsieur's sword, Rcading the lordly language of the inscription, Which is like zithers and tambourines combined: But most thro' midnight streets I hear How the youthful Harlot's curse Blasts the new born Infant's tear, And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse.

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