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By Artemis Alexiadou

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This monograph investigates a few vital concerns within the Syntax of Adverbs with distinctive connection with Greek within the mild of Kayne's (1994) Antisymmetry speculation. It examines the stipulations at the placement of some of the adverb varieties, their licensing requisites, and their relation to adjectives. the writer advances an research in keeping with which adverbs are authorized as Specifiers of practical projections within the clausal area. As such, they input an identical relation with the suitable gains of the respective sensible head. Adverbs are both at once merged on the appropriate useful projection (for example Aspectual and Speaker orientated adverbs) or on the other hand they're moved to this place from the supplement area of the verb (for example demeanour adverbs). in addition, the quantity examines the phenomenon of Adverb Incorporation. it's proposed that Incorporation is compulsory for these vice president inner Adverbs that are 'structuraly non-complex' in Chomsky's 1995 phrases. eventually, the similarities and ameliorations among adverbs and adjectives, clausal and nominal constitution are investigated and a few asymmetries among the 2 are highlighted.

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Spell-Out strips away from E those elements relevant for π, forming Σp and leaving ΣL which is mapped to with X operations of the kind used to form Σ. Σ P enters the PF component. After Spell-Out, nei­ ther PF nor LF can have any further access to the lexicon. This is a reasonable assumption, so that there is no collapse of sound-meaning relations. In their lexical entry items are of the form {P, S, F}, where P is under­ stood as a collection of phonological features which are relevant for PF, S is understood as a collection of semantic features which are relevant for LF.

The result is different, but at the point of operation, or even after it applied and if nothing else is adjoined to it, no difference can be seen. Thus, in (15a), j. can be a specifier in an A-position or an adjunct in an A-position. In the Kaynian system, specifiers are distinguished from adjuncts in that specifiers move from the complement domain to check features against the projection to which they adjoin, whereas adjuncts are base generated in their positions. Apositions are distinguished from A-positions in terms of different agreement features (cf.

Moreover, Âfarli argues that so-called object and subject shift phenomena, as the ones discussed in Jonas & Bobaljik (1993) can be re-interpreted as involving adverbial shift and obligatory movement of the subject and the object to AgrSP and AgrOP, respectively. Consider the following examples: (28) a. Jólasveinarnir boröuöu buöinginn ekki The Christmas trolls ate pudding-the not 'The Christmas trolls did not eat the pudding' b. Jólasveinarnir boröuöu ekki buöinginn Icelandic To account for the above contrasts, Âfarli claims that in both cases the direct object has raised to [Spec,AgrOP] (as proposed in Zwart 1993).

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