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By Richard Arthur Preston

ISBN-10: 0940780313

ISBN-13: 9780940780316

Univ. of Miami, FL. Concise instruction manual on fixing difficulties touching on advanced fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base issues. For clinical scholars, interns, citizens, nurses and nurse practitioners, and first-year nephrology fellows. Softcovers.

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The urine osmolality may give an indication of the severity of the impairment in urine dilution. For example, a patient with a urine osmolality of 200 mOsm/L has less impairment of urine dilution than a patient with a urine osmolality of 600 mOsmIL. The urine sodium concentration may be helpful. A low urine sodium concentration (<20 mEq/L) suggests increased proximal reabsorption of sodium secondary to ECFV depletion, congestive heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, or cirrhosis. Sometimes, despite careful clinical evaluation, it is not clear whether the patient has mild ECFV depletion or SIADH.

The urinary buffers allow for large increases in hydrogen ion excretion (200-300 mmoVday) in states of increased hydrogen ion load without appreciable decreases in urine pH. The primary means by which the kidney rids the body of excess hydrogen ion is by increasing renal amrnoniagenesis. In situations when excess hydrogen ion is added to the body, the kidney responds by increasing production and excretion of NH4+. I CHAPTER 2. 45% Saline. What do these solutions contain, and what are they used for?

8 mEq. 8 mEq of sodium, which is close enough. 4 L = 25 mEqL. Potassium for IV administration does not generally come in 25 mEq ampules; it comes in 20 mEq and 30 mEq ampules. We could pick either 20 or 30 mEqL or we could alternate 20 and 30 mEqL. 45% saline with 30 mEqL KC1 at 100 cchour An IV order is not complete until the monitoring orders are written: Daily weight in the morning. Daily glucose, sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and creatinine (Cr) in the morning.

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