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54 to compute 8 b , the temperature of the liq leaving at the bottom of the column. 3. Absorption Factor The absorption factor is the fraction of the kmol of solute or mass of solute absorbed: e a -- Yb-Yt Yb-Yt Y Y - ... 60) b b where e a = absorption factor also called extraction factor Vb Fig. 1. Schematic Diagram of An Absorber. ----------------- ~------------ C Fig. 2. OL and VLE-Line of An Absorber. G s ... 2]. L becomes L min and infinite number of theoretical trays are required even for fractional solute absorption.

107) Eqn. 97 becomes: f Z Yb °f Gs dY . dZ= --=---KG,p . a. P Y Y _ Y* ... 108) t Likewise Eqns. 104 transform to: ... L Z fdZ- ° - ... 110) Xb f Ls dX KL,c·a,cT· Xt X*-X ... P The height of an overallliq transfer unit is: Ls [HTU] ° L = -----''''-, kL,c·a,cT ... 112) ... 45 Absorption The number of overall gas transfer units is : Yb [NTU]OG = • Y)(I+ y*) * . dY f, (1+ Y-Y ... 114) Y and the number of overallliq transfer of units is : * =f Xb [NTU] O,L (1 + X )(1+X). dX X* -X (1115) .... Xt For Dilute Concentrations The molar ratios equal mol fraction terms whereupon Y b [NTU]o,G = f dY Y _ y* Y, = f dy y _ y* ...

The overall tray efficiency presupposes: • Plate efficiency (Murphree efficiency) is constant for all trays. • OL is a straight line and so is the VLE-line. • Henry's Law is obeyed. • Operating conditions being isothermal. • System involves dilute solutions. The overall tray efficiency can be computed analytically: , ,, , I I ... (1. 71) where, TJM,'I' = Murphree efficiency corrected for entrainment. 2] [TJM,IjI]G = ~ [ TJM,IjI]L = ~: SOLUTE COMPOSITION IN LIQUID Fig. 2. Use of Murphree Efficiencies in the Computation of the Number of Real Trays in an Absorber.

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