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On the way to LF, however, the complementizer that, being semantically empty, is deleted, so that antecedent-government of t¿ by the intermediate trace t· can apply. Hence, t, in (8-b) receives the feature [+7] at LF, and the ECP is respected in this case. ) Thus, as concerns initial traces, the postulated argument/adjunct asymmetry with respect to the level where 7marking takes place actually has the effect of providing an extra loophole for adjunct traces (of overt movement), but not for argument traces.

Howj don't you know [cp what¿ PRO to fix t¿ t j ] ? In (39-a), a direct object what has undergone long-distance movement in one swoop from a non-finite iu/i-island (SpecC being already filled by how). Since the object trace t¿ is θ-governed, an ECP violation does not arise in (39-a). However, CP is a barrier between what and t¿, and this barrier induces a Subjacency effect (t¿ is not subjacent to what), which is responsible for the intermediate status of (39-a). A parallel case involving adjunct movement (as in (39-b)), however, is strongly ungrammatical, because the adjunct trace t j is not θ-governed, and therefore depends on antecedent-government by its chain antecedent (how).

The relevant S-structure and LF configurations then look as in (45-a) and (45-b), respectively. (45) a. b. [vp [v [NP - N¿ ... ] V4 ]]] (S-structure) t ... ] [γ Ν V ]]] (LF) [VP [v [NP At S-structure, Ν and V are co-indexed, as shown in (45-a). Hence, NP is not a barrier for items included in it. Since S-structural co-indexing of heads, by assumption, always indicates abstract incorporation, Ν movement to V must occur at LF, as shown in (45-b). This movement obviously does not cross a barrier (N and V being non-distinct); but in order to be legitimate, pcommand must also take place, which it does in (45-b).

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