FU have jumped onto smallgang’s UK tour and we are all very excited as we’ll be playing on/with various mates promotion nights/bands around the country and catching up with a lot of old friends. Come along and see 2 Damnably bands in action.

Here are the dates:

  • 24 Jun 2011 – Shakespeares Head, Leicester UK [info]
  • 25 Jun 2011 – Adelphi Club, Hull UK [info]
  • 26 Jun 2011 – Head Of Steam, Newcastle UK [info]
  • 27 Jun 2011 – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh UK [info]
  • 28 Jun 2011 – Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow UK [tickets]
  • 30 Jun 2011 – Fuel Cafe, Manchester UK [info]
  • 02 Jul 2011 – The Hope, Brighton UK [info]
  • 03 Jul 2011 – The Windmill, London UK [tickets]
  • 08 Jul 2011 – Railway Hotel, Southend-On-Sea

Sun, 12 Jun 2011 Tours, Update

We love the Brixton Windmill and the BBQ Alldayers are great fun.

This Goodfest has a load of ace acts from all over the UK

Coming together to play and dance to the music Damnably and Default This will DJ (Shellac, Shipping News, Smog, Bellini,Versus, Silkworm, Zeni Geva, Karate, Tenniscoats etc). The Windmill is a run down, kind of grubby but loveable venue – sort of London’s version of CBGB’s. It is where Damnably and Former Utopia began in 2006 and where we’ve seen some great shows from Julie Doiron, Bellini, Stinking Lizaveta, Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina and loads else. It’s easily our favourite venue in London and probably the most important one as new bands and promoters get a leg up here and Tim that runs it can tell you just about anything you need to know about everything.

Damnably Goodfest Summer Alldayer
14 bands on 2 stages and a BBQ!
Sunday, July 3, 2011
The Windmill
22 Blenheim Gardens,
London, UK SW2 5BZ [map]

2:00pm – 18+[Buy Tickets]


Sat, 04 Jun 2011 Gigs

George FU and Chiara Meatelli played an unamplified show as More Bad Times at MJ Hibbett’s Totally Acoustic on Tuesday May 3rd and here is the set and podcast:

More Bad Times Theme
Chilli Linguine
On The Road Again (Willie Nelson cover)
Those Trainers are fucking crazy
More Bad Times (Ed’s Redeeming Qualities cover)
Italian Reggae
Crooked (Wussy cover)

Thu, 05 May 2011 Any Other Business

My best mate Micky from Lazarus Clamp (math rock/post punk/alt country band I was in on bass from 99′-03′) is a smart guy – probably the academically highest qualified man in music today and on occasion he likes to write about music.
He’s recently written about 2 new releases from a certain Mr Bill Orcutt here at www.adequacy.net

Bill Orcutt was a guitarist in a band Miami based band called Harry Pussy in the early 90’s and they were one of my favourites back then. John Peel played their first 7′ and it sounded so crazed and different to me that I just had to buy it. The actual artwork was as mysterious as the music. It was a faded photocopy of nirvana and ‘don’t come back from the moon’ written next to it. The album that followed had an image of skinheads moshing and the title ‘In an Emergency You Can Shit on a Puerto Rican Whore’.

You couldn’t tell if the band was some sort of crazed right-wing hardcore band or an a semiotically playful art-rock act. Thankfully they were the later and even though not so many people noticed at the time or even now, they created music of exceptional beauty and took extreme noise/improv further than any subsequent band. They actually were the end of music and now looking back, one of the most important bands of the 90’s.

I’ve been playing tracks from this ace album ‘You’ll never play this town again‘ on my Podcast Radio show. It all still sounds amazing and unlike anyone else.

One of the old Lazarus Clamp albums I am on is posted here on bandcamp.

Wed, 20 Apr 2011 Any Other Business

We all had a wonderful time at the legendary Brixton Windmill on April 8th and raised £876 for the Japnese Red Cross and Doctors without borders.

More Bad Times (George from FU & Chiara ) opened the show and our friends Toshi, Your New Friend (Alex and Simon), Rica Minami, Kayaka, No Cars, Slowgun, The Catcher Nine, Rebeka Delgado, MJ Hibbett and Let’s Wrestle all rocked out and drank 4 cases of beer which Asahi very kindly donated to us.

We interviewed some of the acts and Tim who has run the Windmill for a decade. You can listen to those from the damnably website.

The Windmill is a kind of grubby, run down venue in the middle of nowhere on Brixton Hill, but we all love it and it’s probably the most important venue in the UK as new bands/promoters get a break there and it is always fun with nice staff and atmosphere. We’ll all be playing the Damnably Summer Party on July 3rd there at the end of the forthcoming smallgang and FU tour – more news on that soon!


Wed, 20 Apr 2011 Gigs, Update

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