We proudly supported our labelmates Shonen Knife at The Scala in London with smallgang and slowgun and the show SUPERROCKED thanks to all the bands being on top form and a great Sound guy called Sean Richards (usually works for Boredoms and big bands) plus a huge friendly audience.

FU live - Scala 11 Sep 2011

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Wed, 21 Sep 2011 Gigs, Update

We played Manchester last night and it marked the last night of the main drag of FU’s first tour as a trio. We all loved it and had the most fun hanging out with fellow Damnably band smallgang, although Simon smallgang did steal our crisps and tea at any given opportunity and Toshi stole all my tabs.

The tour was only 8 days but felt much longer as we crammed in some great art shows in Hull, Edinburgh and Leeds and a pub stop in the north yorkshire dales as well as some incredibly late nights drinking Peronis at the Travelodge.

Newcastle’s Pale Man Made and Trev Gibb were ace acts to watch and Jody in Glasgow from Skeleton Bob was wonderful too. Last night Stephen from Monster Island played a top flight acoustic but loud and jagged set. He’s a lovely guy too. I’ll podcast sets from all these acts next week and some of us and smallgang.

It was good to get out of London and see ace promoters at work like Fielding ‘Cry Parrot’ in Glasgow and Claire ‘Raft’ in Edinburgh and Paul at the Adelphi in Hull – heroes of the music scene as new bands can’t get anywhere without good promoters.

The first show in Leicester made me deeply happy as I’d spent almost a decade in that little midlands city at Uni and in bands (Chomsky/Lazarus Clamp/Keith Flies over 60,000 miles each year) and helping Ian ‘Magic Teapot’ put on his wonderful gigs. It was so nice to see John, Harvey, Pete, Andy, Glyn, Helen, Rebecca, Emma, Dan and everyone. It always feels like going home when I go there and every street is full of so many happy memories. John and I used to do a radio show there with Ian called ‘Slow Disco for losers’ and I’ll podcast some of those tapes soon as John’s got the best obscure records such as Culturecide’s ‘Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America’.

Tomorrow we play Brighton and then London and I have to say a special thank you to Rama and Russ for playing so well and taking time off work to tour as FU. Also Jens for driving us so well and being patient with us all-drunk, stinking of fags and covered in crisps as some of us were.

Very happy tonight.

Sat, 02 Jul 2011 Tours

I had my first and, hopefully, last hangover of the tour in Edinburgh. The night before we played Henry’s Cellar Bar to an attentive audience. I was fortunate enough to be given the opening slot; sadly, as I haven’t played my songs in a month, a few jazz notes were played – hopefully, if I’m blessed with the opportunity to play Edinburgh again, I’ll be a little more prepared. Good news, the bass pedals and amps are back in working order! Now I don’t need to be worrying for the rest of the tour.

After quickly vacating Henry’s (situated under a place named Lebowski’s!), we hit the hotel bar until the “wee” hours of the morning and drank enough beers to knock ourselves out. In the morning, waking up to the sound of water from the outside stream and boiling heat, we had breakfast in town before wandering in the Dean museum and a spot of lounging on the grass. Edinburgh is beautiful, I wish to explore it in more depth soon.

The drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow was completely painless, and before we knew it, we were setting up in the renowned Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s. Again, we were honoured to be treated warmly by their staff, other bands and crowds.

We got a full night’s rest, learning from the previous night’s mistake. Today is our day off, we had a quick walk through Glasgow, grabbing a bite to eat and loading up on more fruit as we now embark on a long drive, via the Yorkshire Dales, to Leeds. This should hopefully revitalise our energies for the last few dates.

I’ve fallen in love with far too many beautiful coffee shop girls.

Manchester, Brighton, London and Southend, we are coming for you!

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Wed, 29 Jun 2011 Tours

Staying healthy on the road can be hard work, if you don’t stock up on supplies at a supermarket, you’ll be eating stale lumps of over processed, and over priced, sandwiches at service stops. We’re a wise bunch; fruit, nuts, orange juice and anything else to keep us feeling less groggy whilst sitting in a van on these long drives.

Our first show was in Leicester; we didn’t get much of a chance to see the town, but we were greeted with friendly faces, some of whom George went to university with.

In the morning, we headed to Hull and had more time to appreciate the sights; walking around the city, we came to the centre point and visited their local art museum – there was a David Hockley exhibition on. Sadly we never got the chance to see the docks as we needed to sound check – next time, Hull. The Adelphi is a charming venue where many of my favourite bands have played over the years; from Pavement, Emmy the Great to big bands like Manic Street Preachers. It reminded us of our 2nd home, the Windmill, Brixton. We had a quick photo shoot, a warm meal – which, even after two days, perked us up – rocked out hard and played a game of killer with the staff and regulars. Hull, you will be dearly missed; we love you!

Having technical problems with my bass set up in Newcastle, put me on a downer for the show. Rama, our driver, Jens, and I were the first to cave for fast food in KFC – goodbye regularity! 🙁 – we came back to dancing before spending the night drinking in the hotel bar with a rowdy stag crowd, singing the hits. Simon’s guitar was pulled out and we smashed out some Smiths before heading to bed. I didn’t get a chance to see the Grove even though we were staying in Byker.

We’re back on the road; Edinburgh, Scotland is our next stop, and their could be a special Wolf Choir show. Hopefully I can sort out my bass set up before all hell breaks loose! I’m excited to see Scotland. It’s thirty degrees back home and we’re driving towards the cold and rain. The scenery from the back seat of the van of the rolling hills, thick forests and farmland is enough to make up for it. Goodbye, concrete jungle, we are in the beauty of

More soon!

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Mon, 27 Jun 2011 Tours

Sheria from the Taiwanese band  Peppercats made this Tour trailer animation for us.

Have a look at her band on facebook

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 Any Other Business, Tours

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