IMG_2409We’ve been recording at Phil’s lovely place in Stoke Newington using the Canopus kit, our Fender Twin and Orange bass Rig. We borrowed smallgang and the Wolf choir’s microphones and the Boiler Suits are from big Edd and a must for all recording situations. We recorded ‘Postcard’, ‘Exit Interview’, ‘The Locusts of Control’, ‘Smile’, ‘The Whips’, ‘Infinite Regression’ and ‘Chilli linguine’ and will see how well they come out.









Tue, 03 Dec 2013 Any Other Business, Update

We set our debut EP ‘Collapsar’ to free download on Bandcamp for a week and CD versions are £5 now. Help yourself!

Thu, 14 Nov 2013 Any Other Business


Our very own Label ‘Damnably’ is six this year, and to celebrate with us on October 1st at Cargo will be the Osaka Ramones (Shonen Knife), Wussy, American Werewolf Academy.

Should be a really fun and rocking gig not to be missed!

Tickets are £10 via Wegottickets, Gigantic, Seetickets, or Ticketweb and it is going to sell out soon.

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 Any Other Business

FU have all been busy for most of this year with work so it’s been quiet on here but I stuck this podcast together with a few of my favourite tracks of right now.

Plaided It is over Toni Playdate Fettkakeo 2012
Wussy Death By Misadventure Buckeye (Damnably)
Big Eyes Back from the moon (Grave Mistake Records 2012)
Bottomless Pit State I’m In Lottery (2012)
Shonen knife Osaka Rock City Pop Tune (Damnably 2012)
American Werewolf Academy Happy Birthday Your Majesty
Codeine Median When I See The Sun (Numero Group 2012)
Plaided Freaks and Geeks Playdate (Fettkakeo 2012)
Big Eyes Pretend to care Hard Life (2011)
Magnetic Fields The Horrible Party Love at the bottom of the Sea (Merge 2012)
Shonen Knife Cobra Vs Mongoose (live bonus cdr w/Pop tune)
Magic Words Loaded For Bear Junk Train
Dog Day I Wanna Mix Deformer (Fundog 2011)
Harry Pussy Showroom Dummies Harry Pussy (Stiltbreeze 1993)
Steve Albini and Zeni Geva The Model (live)
Shannon Wright Live
Versus Live
Bitch Magnet Live
Michael Hurley When I get back home Ancestral Swamp (Gnomonsong 2007)
Wet Nurse Girl Problem
Shonen Knife She’s The One Osaka Ramones (Damanbly 2011)
Giant Giant Sand Forvever And A Day Tucson(Fire 2012)
Waxeater Are those fucking beers cold yet?
American Werewolf Academy Rock Show Tonight (Damnably 2011)


Fri, 06 Jul 2012 Any Other Business, Media

Sheria from the Taiwanese band  Peppercats made this Tour trailer animation for us.

Have a look at her band on facebook

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 Any Other Business, Tours

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