Former Utopia are an East London based Rock band.

They have toured throughout the UK and Europe, sharing stages with Shonen Knife, Bitch Magnet, COME, Bottomless Pit, Shannon Wright, Julie Doiron, The Thalia Zedek Band, Geoff Farina & Chris Brokaw, Thee More Shallows, Swell, PW Long, Uzeda, Bellini and David Grubbs.

In 2013 the band released their self recorded ‘Collapsar’ EP on Damnably, gaining a steady 8/10 on Press Aggregate and Radio play from Gideon Coe & Tom Ravenscroft’s on BBC6 Music,  John Kennedy on XFM, Ruth Barnes on Amazing Radio, Ally on Castle FM, Albert on BCB FM, Jon on WFMU, and KK on Trashflow. The band where were invited to play Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands.

George – On Guitar/Vocs
Rama – On Drums
Russ – On Bass

Gaffa (DK)”…The band’s timing was absolutely superb, and the chemistry between Rama and George was a pleasure being a spectator. The heavy drums and the piercing guitar cultivated melodic love. Definitely a band to well could bear to hear again,..”.
Leicester Mercury (UK)”cast a bewitching spell as each tune unfolded in an unforced, languid haze”
The Line Of Best Fit (UK)“a gentleman blessed with an imposing baritone halfway between Bill Callahan and Absentee”
John Kennedy XFM Radio (UK)”FANTASTIC!”
Pocket Jury (UK) “The overall highlight is the fantastic ‘Blue Fugue’, which sounds like a collision between Frigid Stars era Codeine and Zuma era Crazy Horse. Building from a lush, unhurried foundation, Gargan executes a blistering Neil Young-esque guitar solo which carries the narrative of the song long after the vocals have stopped. Collapsor is certainly a striking collection of songs and you can’t help but feel that if it takes another four years for a sequel, it will be very much worth the wait.”
(UK) “…subtle melodies delivered in an understated baritone vocal coupled with edgy, occasionally heavy guitars. The way the songs creep up on you and develop is reminiscent of that great, often overlooked band Silkworm.”
Tom Robinson (UK) on FU’s ‘A Love Like Infinity’ : “It starts out like vintage Tyrannosaurus Rex then develops into a meandering lofi epic that’s not quite like anything else I’ve heard this year. Lovely liquid guitars, offkilter drums, unexpected harmonies and an approach that’s fresh and uplifting. What’s not to like?”
Sodapop (IT)”…the visibility they deserve is coming.”
Americana (UK) 8/10 “mini masterpiece of lo-fi rumblings…”
Whisperingandhollerin (IR)8/10 “Former Utopia inject new life into the faded denims of grungey slackerdom, with the crunching guitars and twisted pop dynamism of the Pixies and the plaintive tones and monster solos of Dinosaur Jr. And it’s totally welcome.”
3voor12  (NL) “… sound like something the Pixies would like to have.”
damusic (BE) “Zest With something strong to the lo fi of Pavement smoke (but even more rattling) knew this trio to inspire us.”
‘A Love Like Infinity’ was voted #19 in the ‘Hogmanay Hundred’ in Ally Gourlay’s Art School Dancing Castle FM Radio show,
‘Blue Fugue’ in a at #15 on ‘Left Of Centre’ on Morlands FM radio and Former Utopia had an Honorable mention in Ken Katkin’s Trash Flow radio (Cincinnati based) best of 2013 list here