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We played Shonen Knife’s 985th gig/end of tour party and it was also smallgang’s album launch for ‘san’. Toshi joined us on extra guitar for an epic solo ridden ‘Blue Fugue’.
Jen from SBL joined smallgang and Atsuko played with Shonen Knife for the encore and it was a great night. Everybody’s loves Atsuko, she should still be rocking in bands!
Such a hipster venue though, the SK regular fans stood round the corner hiding from the trendy kids but despite the artifice and venue poster/social media fail it was almost sold out and sound was ace. We’ll miss Naoko, Atsuko, Ritsuko, Emi and all the DOGE comedy we had this tour.
Pictures from Matt & Janice



Wed, 11 Jun 2014 Update