We’re stoked ‘A Love Like Infinity’ was voted #19 in the ‘Hogmanay Hundred’. That’s Ally Gourlay’s Art School Dancing Castle FM (Edinburgh) Radio show top 100 of the year as voted for by listeners-like Peels Festive 50,
‘Blue Fugue’ made it to #15 on Left Of Centre’ on Morlands FM radio (also listener voted) and Former Utopia had an Honorable mention in Ken Katkin’s Trash Flow radio (Cincinnati based) best of 2013 list here.
Ken used to run Homestead Records and put out many of the records we love (SEAM, Bratmobile, Tsunami, Sebadoh etc)and he’s been doing radio for 30 years now, so we’re really pleased with that.

George and Russ posted their best of 2013 lists on damnably’s blog here
Russell’s Wolf Choir played the ‘London Mattathon‘ and the live set is streaming below with the latest Damnably Radio show (#74)