100th Gig, Sheffield, John Peel Centre, Incubate Festival & Matt’s wedding

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It’s been a while since we updated, so here is our news>

Ian from Leicester Magic Teapot came down to the Brixton Windmill venue in South London to meet Tim the booker there who’d he’d been in contact with for a decade yet never met and to see
our 100th gig! We played some new songs you can hear here-it was the debut for ‘smile’ that’s at the end.

Shonen Knife, smallgang, slowgun, Passerines and Echolocation(from leicester) all played and we had a great time at the Windmill where Shonen Knife played a special ‘Food Song’ set and
helped with the BBQ. There was fans who had come over from Brazil, Finland and all over the UK.

We also played Sheffield Queens Social and the John Peel Centre with Shonen Knife who had Atsuko the original drummer along helping-here’s Atsuko and Rama.

2013-09-06 10.50.502013-09-06 13.07.13

We met John Peel’s wife Sheila and sold a lot of CD’s at The John Peel Centre and were so happy to play there as I (gg) had grown up listening to Peel and mumbled how much of a pleasure it was, and it was and I’m sure
Micky from lazarus Clamp has that wish still that John could be listen to our music now. There wasn’t anyone in the music world whose opinion mattered apart from his.
Russ, we found out was the envy of Shonen Knife as in Japan it’s desirable to be pale skinned-here he is with Atsuko.

2013-09-07 18.04.25

2013-09-07 17.45.47We had a few beers to celebrate playing then Russ and I ran 7 miles the next morning.
A couple weeks later played the incredible Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands which was SUPER fun. I  was on tour with Shonen Knife so met
Russ, Rama and Janice at the festival with our guitars, merch and back line in the van.  We just had kick
and vocal mike and our own backline for sound but it worked fine for a pretty small room. Janice sold a load of CD’s and Vinyl for us at the back of the room. We namechecked her and the audience were like ” who’s this Janice” and investigated, so Shonen Knife stole this idea off us and named checked Atsuko who got swamped at her merch desk. We surprisingly got 2 reviews
that are pretty good here  and here . Thank you Incubate and all who came along and who reviewed us and made us feel very welcome.

IMG_0626 IMG_0612IMG_0622former utopia_3 former utopia

Shonen Knife closed the Festival and the room literally exploded into a huge mosh pit with stage divers and crowd surfers. We all partied a bit and hung out in Amsterdam the next day at the airport, but hope to return
to Incubate next year as it was really well set up and a load of fun. Above is Doug watching Shonen Knife and they watched his band too and that was really nice to see.


We had a lot of fun touring and hanging out with Shonen Knife, Hara San Ford the sound wizard and Greg our driver and the
mates we caught up with across Europe.

Finally deep felt congrats to our buds Matt and Kat who just got married this week.
We all have gigged with matt who drums in smallgang, slowgun and crumbling ghost a lot for a good few years and wish them
a long and happy life together.

Fri, 11 Oct 2013 Update