Micky does an Article on Bill Orcutt

My best mate Micky from Lazarus Clamp (math rock/post punk/alt country band I was in on bass from 99′-03′) is a smart guy – probably the academically highest qualified man in music today and on occasion he likes to write about music.
He’s recently written about 2 new releases from a certain Mr Bill Orcutt here at www.adequacy.net

Bill Orcutt was a guitarist in a band Miami based band called Harry Pussy in the early 90’s and they were one of my favourites back then. John Peel played their first 7′ and it sounded so crazed and different to me that I just had to buy it. The actual artwork was as mysterious as the music. It was a faded photocopy of nirvana and ‘don’t come back from the moon’ written next to it. The album that followed had an image of skinheads moshing and the title ‘In an Emergency You Can Shit on a Puerto Rican Whore’.

You couldn’t tell if the band was some sort of crazed right-wing hardcore band or an a semiotically playful art-rock act. Thankfully they were the later and even though not so many people noticed at the time or even now, they created music of exceptional beauty and took extreme noise/improv further than any subsequent band. They actually were the end of music and now looking back, one of the most important bands of the 90’s.

I’ve been playing tracks from this ace album ‘You’ll never play this town again‘ on my Podcast Radio show. It all still sounds amazing and unlike anyone else.

One of the old Lazarus Clamp albums I am on is posted here on bandcamp.

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